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Twain Harte Golf Course

twain harte

Twain Harte, CA

June, 2023

History of the Twain Harte Golf Club

The Me-Wuk Indians camped near an expanse of bald rock granite, commonly called “The Rock”. It is the area’s oldest landmark, and is now partially submerged but still visible at the west end of the Twain Harte Lake.

In 1862, Patrick Williams acquired 640 acres of land, including the meadow where the Twain Harte Golf Course is now located. Williams planted apple and pear orchards, herded a few head of cattle and maintained a watering place for the freight wagons bound for the east slope mines. Williams’ son inherited the ranch, and in 1923 sold out to Alonzo and Keturah Wood. Wood subdivided the area in 1924 and so named it Twain Harte after two famous Mother Lode authors, Mark Twain and Bret Harte.

The “Arch”, today Twain Harte’s entrance trademark, was built in 1933, and has been rebuilt many times. A new Arch was built in the 1970’s and modified in 1995. The Arch was damaged in 2002, and by June 2003, many volunteers, providing design work, labor and donated materials, was once again renovated to make it even more appealing to the many visitors who pass through it today.

Ray Eproson bought the Twain Harte Grocery in 1930. He then allowed the local development company to construct a golf course in the Twain Harte Meadow, exacting as his share a rent of $1.00 a year. In 1947 the Eproson House was built, and since has become a restaurant and another familiar Twain Harte landmark. Eproson Park was also later created to pay tribute to the family’s endless civic contributions.

Once the summer retreat of a few, the community is today the permanent home for several thousand. Twain Harte is one of the fastest growing areas in Tuolumne County. Residents are attracted today by the same qualities that drew the Me-Wuk Indians over a century ago. The beauty, recreational opportunities and healthful climate, make it an ideal retirement location.

~ Excerpts from 2004 Twain Harte Area Chamber of Commerce.

The Clubhouse

The Twain Harte Golf Club is a recreational facility for residents and visitors of the Twain Harte area. It is a 9-hole golf course with associated facilities appropriate for a community based activity.

Beginning in 1960, at a cost of approximately $40,000, Robert Baldock, of Fresno, designed the nine-hole course that features large greens, thick woods, and elaborate landscaping. The course was sponsored by the Twain Harte Rotary Club until its incorporation as an independent, non-profit organization in 1961.

Course construction was initially financed through the sale of 120 memberships at $300 each. The land upon which the THGC is situated was initially leased from the Eproson family. The property was formally transferred to the THGC from the Eproson family as a gift deed in 1968 with the proviso that the golf course always remain open and available to the public.

The original clubhouse underwent a major expansion in 1985. The expansion included a pro shop, restaurant/lounge and banquet room, and doubling in size to nearly 4500 square feet. A fire in March 2001 destroyed the building. Reconstruction of the new 6000 square foot clubhouse was started in December 2001 and opened in July 2002. The design of the facility is in keeping with the mountain resort feeling of the Twain Harte community and includes a larger banquet room, lounge, kitchen and pro shop.

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