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Golf Facility Management

As a result of our experience and involvement with golf course projects since the early 90’s, Sierra Golf Management has developed a unique understanding of the golf course business. SGM has experience in projects from the pre construction stages, to the final construction stage as well as full daily operations with established and reputable golf facilities. SGM is committed to provide players with a high quality golf experience at an affordable price to offer excellent instructional programs for existing, beginning, junior or disadvantaged golfers. We think that this should be delivered to customers to present and maintain the finest golf course conditions and to promote goodwill within the local community.

These goals can be achieved and accomplished through a constant focus on the following: professional staffing, presentation of overall course, marketing programs, expense management, and various operational programs and services.

SGM brings “National Account Pricing” to all it’s clients which in turn results in large savings in all major expense items of a golf budget. This combined with large savings in insurance, accounting, workman’s compensation, employee health care benefits, and marketing will always result in a better “bottom-line.”

Golf Shop Operations

Golf shop operations are as diverse as golf courses themselves. At Sierra Golf Management, we staff golf shops to suit the operation itself. Whether it’s a historic 9-hole summer resort or a high-end 36-hole signature course…we handle all daily aspects of a well run and professional, competent golf operation.

We train and promote all of our PGA golf professionals assuring that we hire the best the industry has to offer. All of our professionals are experts in golf operations, tournament operations, marketing, merchandising, club relations, growth of the game, inventory management, and accounting.

Making economic sense of golf operations is a difficult challenge. With our national account pricing we have introduced the ability to maintain open accounts with all major brands within our network which gives Sierra Golf a definite advantage over our competitors. This not only helps our business, but it helps our customers as well in assuring they are delivered the products they need. All these tools — the marketing expertise, internet commerce, 21st century data collection methods, customer service skills –bring the focus, attention and profitability that your golf facility deserves.

At SGM we believe passionately in combining courses and community. From junior programs, service club fund raisers, and even High School or college golf enrich the quality of the local community. We want to make our customers day as enjoyable as it can possibly be. That is what our job at SGM is all about.

Golf Course Maintenance

Sierra Golf Management understands and appreciates the importance of golf course conditions and the effect it has in the overall business. Every golf course managed by Sierra Golf Management has experienced immediate and improved course conditions right from the beginning. We are exceptionally proud of the reputation achieved through our hard work and dedication to achieving quality turf management programs.

The daily presentation of the golf course is our number one goal. Our philosophy is to maintain and present the golf course each day as if the facility was hosting a major golf competition or event. Golf tees are rotated daily; greens are cut daily; bunkers are raked daily; rough heights are maintained to playable conditions. This daily attention to detail insures the overall playability that the patron expects.

In addition to other infrastructure services, patrons can also expect the following golf course presentations on a daily basis: pin location cards, cart and hole directional signs, hazards clearly marked, and yardage markers in each fairway. A recent survey done by a golf publication showed 90 percent of the respondents said course conditions were crucial when deciding where to play golf. But only 33 percent were concerned about how close the course is to home. Golfers (at least avid golfers) are willing to drive the extra miles to play a better course, so perhaps it’s not all about “location, location, location” in the golf industry. However, the ringing theme is value for the dollar which is seen in all types of businesses. The survey’s overall presentation really showed how important golf course maintenance, and therefore superintendents are to a course’s success.

These results should help reinforce the importance of quality golf course maintenance. Does the ownership/ management at your course realize just how important course conditions are? Do they understand that they can make up for an inconvenient location or stiffer prices (to some degree) by providing better-quality conditions? Should they perhaps scrap those plans to make a fancy locker room, when only a quarter of their clientele find it truly important? We place uncompromising emphasis on providing our customers a quality, healthy turf to play golf. At Sierra Golf Management, we make golf better, one course at a time…

F&B Management

Sierra Golf Management has developed a food and beverage operations philosophy that thoroughly describes the roles and vision for each section of the food and beverage operation at a particular golf club. Included in this philosophy are step by step preparations for a new club being developed, and detailed job descriptions and policy directives for the ongoing operations. Due to the sensitive nature and state codes of food handling and preparation, it is imperative that these policies are upheld to the highest standard.

Furthermore, Sierra Golf Management is very aware that the food and beverage staff often has the most personal interaction with the golfers. It is important for our staff to be knowledgeable about the goals and visions of the entire golf course operation and to improve the overall experience of the golfer. Most importantly, however, is that the customer has an enjoyable experience from the time they arrive until the time they leave the facility. We thrive on creating innovative ideas through our menu development, theme development in our restaurant décor, and an ultra-friendly style of customer service.

The food and beverage department can be challenging at most golf courses. We strongly believe the F & B department should be self supportive. A facility should not have to subsidize the snack bar or restaurant with the profits from the golf course. The reason most F & B departments fail lies within simple staff issues and waste management procedures. We focus intensively on these areas to begin the slow process of returning a profit to an existing facility.

Whether the operation is a small “snack bar,” grill, or full-service lunch and dinner house, we can help improve the image, service and bottom line of this very important element of the golf experience. The importance of good food and nice atmosphere can never be underestimated.

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